Repeat Classes        

  • The live classes are recorded on a regular basis and replayed periodically for the benefit of the students, who were unable to attend the same. The schedule of the same is put on the website regularly. Students are requested to keep track of the schedule and avail the benefit of the same.

  • Students can also contact office for special screening of selected topics at their own convenience.

Schedule of Repeat Classes Please click on the link given below:

IPCC Accounting Repeat Classes May.2015 Exam from 20th Oct. 2014      
      Financial Reporting Repeat Valuation Classes
May 2015 Exam
Financial Management Repeat Classes May 2015 Exam
(18th Oct & 7th Nov Batch)




IPC Account Repeat Classes Partnership Accounts        

IPC Adv.Accounting Nov 2014 Exams Fast Track Batch From 18th Aug 2014

Financial Management Extra classes for Nov 2014 Exam        


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